͡ԡ÷ӺѵûШӵŪ㹻 Ẻ Smart Card

2558 ԴеЪҤ¹

ѹ 20 .. 2554 (ӹǹҹ 12501 )
ӹѡҹ ӹѡҹ ..
             ӹѡҹ .. ʹǷҧҧ㹡þѲҢҪЪҤ¹ûЪ .. 駷 / ѹ Ҥ ·Ъ繪ͺ ѧ
            ǷҧԹҧ˹ѡ 蹵 ҧ͢ ֧èѴ˹ѧ¹ ǹҪö֧Ƿҧ㹡Ҫ ûѺاͧ͡þѲ ( ¹ҹ硷͹ԡ E-Learning ѡٵѧ ѡٵѺ) Դкš¹ؤҡҧҪâͧҪԡ¹ Сͷҧ෤ԤԪҡҪԡ¹ 駹 оѲҢҪй鹤ѡöо鹰ҹǡѺЪҤ¹ ( ѡͧЪҤ¹ Ἱ躷ͧдҹ) ӤѭѺСҪ÷ǢͧѺЪҤ¹ǹҧǹҤӴѺ
          - þѲлѺ 繡â¡þѲҧԧҧԧ֡ աš¹ʺóҧǹҪ ա駡þѲҺؤҡҤҪèФӹ֧֧㹡þѲҢͧѡҡТ¡ͺ͡˹ͨҡ
          - աþѲҤ ѡö 鹢㹷ءдѺФͺ繡þѲҺؤҡâͧءѡ 駡աš¹ͧлʺóҧǹҪ÷ѺԴͺ㹵ҧѡ
ЪҤѧѲ¹ ҧ
ἹèѴ駻ЪҤѧѲ¹ (ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint)
¹Ҫԡ ջ㴺ҧ
ӹѡҹ .. ѺҪЪҤ¹
ЪѹԴǪ¹ çûЪѹҧͧЪҤ¹
ҳԪپ鹰ҹ͡ٸûѺ觢ѹҴ¹͹Ҥ (23/3/2011)
ûЪҧǹҪáѺӹѡҹ .. Шӻ
͸Ժա¹СȼšõѴԹûСǴҾҴͧ͡ʡèѴҹѹ¹ Шӻ
ӹѡѲҡûЪѹ ҹǹғЪҤ¹: ˹觨ش Ѳ Ҩѹҧ? ͡ʤúͺá͵¹
-Թ ѴǪѲ¹ Ǹ.Ѵ 5 觴ҹѲ үŻ ԴѺѤè֧ѹ 30 ..
ª Spirit of ASEAN
ӹǹҹ 12502 ӹǹǵ 40

  ӹǹǵ 40
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